Industrial Compressor & It’s Types

A compressor is a machine for increasing the pressure of gas mechanically by decreasing its volume. Air is frequently used as a compressed gas.

Air Compressor is a pneumatic machine that converts power into potential energy stored in compressed air.

An air compressor forces more and more air into an air tank, increasing the pressure. When the tank’s pressure reaches its upper limit, the air compressor shuts off.

Types of Compressor

  1. Positive Displacement Compressor
  2. Dynamic Compressor
  3. Positive Displacement Compressor
  4. Reciprocating Compressor

(i) Double Acting Compressor

(ii) Single Acting Compressor

(iii) Diaphragm Compressor

  1. Rotary Compressor

(i) Screw Compressor

(ii) Scroll Compressor

(iii) Vane Compressor

  1. Dynamic Compressor
  2. Centrifugal Compressor
  3. Axial Compressor

Industrial Compressor

Two basic types of air compressors are generally used in manufacturing industries

  1. Screw Air Compressor
  2. Reciprocating Compressor

Screw Air Compressor

Screw Air Compressor is the backbone of various industries because it replaces piston-type compressors where large volumes of high pressure are needed, either for large industrial applications mainly heavy-duty machines.

Belt Driven Screw Compressor and Direct Driven Screw Compressor are two common categories of screw Compressor

Belt Driven Air Compressor-A belt is connected to the motor of the Compressor Pump. When the motor runs, the belt turns to power the pump to your air compressor.

Direct Driven Air Compressor-In direct driven compressor, the crankshaft is connected directly to the compressor motor.

Screw Compressor – Receiver Tank – Per filter – After the filter

Reciprocating Air Compressor

Reciprocating Air Compressor is a Piston type Compressor that uses a piston to compress air and deliver it at high Pressure

  1. Single Stage direct-drive reciprocating air compressor
  2. Single Stage belt drive reciprocating air compressor
  3. Two-Stage direct-drive reciprocating air compressor
  4. Single and Two-Stage Industrial reciprocating air compressor
  5. High-pressure reciprocating air compressor
  6. Custom-built compressor

Uses of Compressed Air in the Manufacturing Industry

  1. Paint Shop Spray Components
  2. Air Tools
  3. Air operated lift
  4. Shot blasting
  5. Cleaning Process in Industry
  6. Furniture Manufacturing
  7. General Industry
  8. Glass, stone industry
  9. FMCG Industry
  10. Mining industry
  11. Fabrication works
  12. Rubber industry