Industrial Cleaning Machinery and Equipment

If we talk about cleaning machine manufacturers in India, there are a limited number of Cleaning machine manufacturers in India. those who manufacture the parts are imports from Germany and Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and China. You can find the dealers who do import export business in India.

Cleaning equipment is the need of every industry. We have the best cleaning equipment manufacturer that fulfills all your industrial cleaning needs.

Cleaning Equipment can be categorized into two types

  1. Manual Equipment
  2. Mechanical Equipment

Mechanical Equipment is categorized into four types-

  1. Vacuum Cleaner
  2. Polishing Machine
  3. Floor Scrubber
  4. Steam Vapour Machine

Cleaning Machines and equipment are a top priority in those industries where cleaning and maintaining hygiene is the top priority. Cleaning machines and equipment are required in the Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, food industry

Effective cleaning, maintenance, and maximum work productivity is the expectation. to choose the best cleaning equipment, here are certain criteria to decide which is best to fulfill your need.

Cleaning machinery is the top priority to maintain hygiene in public places. Educational Institutes and universities, Railways Stations, Hospitals, shopping complexes, etc are some of the common public places cleaning machines remain always in demand.

Kleenol Equipment is the brand manufacturer for cleaning machinery and supplier that short out all your needs.

Based on the industrial requirement, Kleenol Equipment has launched different models to fulfill the need of the industry at an optimum price.


Why Kleenol Equipment?

They provide complete industrial cleaning solutions for your manufacturing industry and shopping malls.


Product and Services

You can find here all cleaning machinery, cleaning accessories, and liquids and wipes. They provide the best products and services at the optimum price. Know more about Kleenol Equipment in Detail here:- cleaning machinery supplier


Kleenol Equipments India Pvt. Ltd. is the leading supplier of industrial cleaning solutions and premium housekeeping equipment in India.

We offer a wide range of high-quality industrial cleaning solutions like vacuum cleaners, scrubbers & polishers, walk-behind & ride-on scrubber-dryers, jet cold & hot pressure washers, road sweeper machines, and ride-on sweepers, floor care machines, and other housekeeping products. All industrial cleaning solutions products come with industrial guarantees and professional after-sales services. Our 50+ clients include industry leaders.